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Archangel Attunement Testimonial

"Andrea, 2 weeks ago today I had my Archangel Attunement with you and I really feel I want to thank you and express how it has changed my life!

At first I felt very hot and buzzing - I felt I had pure joy in my life, for the first time - and these feelings came immediately - and thankfully have remained.

In addition to this I feel my life focus has become more complete, centred and connected to the Divine.

One of the most subtle changes is that I'm finding it much easier to send Light and Love to areas (and people!) of my life that I found difficult to connect to before.

Oh and I cant stop smiling. "JOY".

I thank you my Earth Angel for changing my life - I love you.

Babs - North Yorkshire xxx "

Reiki 2 Testimonial

Dear Andrea,
I just wanted to say thank you for asking me to attend the Reiki 2 day last month.

I feel I've benefited a great deal and learnt about a different side to my Reiki and best of all my Reiki appears to be a lot stronger since that day!

Big thanks,

Love & hugs

Sharon - Huddersfield

Testimonials from therapists on previous courses.

"What an absolutely amazing week! The group energy was really high and I personally I have learnt, developed, evolved, journeyed, scryed, meditated, laughed, healed and been healed and grown in a spiritual loving environment in many different ways.
The reality of this therapists retreat has exceeded my expectations in every way." Della

"Have enjoyed the course thoroughly, the relaxed atmosphere really did help for people to open up and be themselves, have learnt lots met my power animals for the first time and felt at home having otherwise crazy conversations with people that you could not do any where else. I also enjoyed having a laugh and being myself more" Michelle

"I got more than I expected, this will make me rethink where I will be going in the future. As I am not just starting out on my journey it has helped me sift out my knowledge and put to good use what is essential." Ann

"I really enjoyed all the workshops. I found everything about the 5 days very inspirational. Discovering and opening out more than I could of imagined, in such a wonderful loving environment amongst friends. I have learnt so much from the experience and am so thankful for coming, what a wonderful group we were, with such great energy, with a life changing impact, thank you all." Sharon

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