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A few of the testimonials and comments received about Andrea's work.

"Andrea, 2 weeks ago today I had my Archangel Attunement with you and I really feel I want to thank you and express how it has changed my life!

At first I felt very hot and buzzing - I felt I had pure joy in my life, for the first time - and these feelings came immediately - and thankfully have remained.

In addition to this I feel my life focus has become more complete, centred and connected to the Divine.

One of the most subtle changes is that I'm finding it much easier to send Light and Love to areas (and people!) of my life that I found difficult to connect to before.

Oh and I cant stop smiling. "JOY".

I thank you my Earth Angel for changing my life - I love you.
Babs - North Yorkshire xxx

Dear Andrea,
I just wanted to say thank you for asking me to attend the Reiki 2 day last month.

I feel I've benefited a great deal and learnt about a different side to my Reiki and best of all my Reiki appears to be a lot stronger since that day!

Big thanks,

Love & hugs

Sharon - Huddersfield

What an absolutely amazing week! The group energy was really high and I personally I have learnt, developed, evolved, journeyed, scryed, meditated, laughed, healed and been healed and grown in a spiritual loving environment in many different ways.
The reality of this therapists retreat has exceeded my expectations in every way.

Have enjoyed the course thoroughly, the relaxed atmosphere really did help for people to open up and be themselves, have learnt lots met my power animals for the first time and felt at home having otherwise crazy conversations with people that you could not do any where else. I also enjoyed having a laugh and being myself more

I got more than I expected, this will make me rethink where I will be going in the future. As I am not just starting out on my journey it has helped me sift out my knowledge and put to good use what is essential.

I really enjoyed all the workshops. I found everything about the 5 days very inspirational. Discovering and opening out more than I could of imagined, in such a wonderful loving environment amongst friends. I have learnt so much from the experience and am so thankful for coming, what a wonderful group we were, with such great energy, with a life changing impact, thank you all.

Dear Andrea, just a few lines to say how much I enjoyed both your workshops this week. I have gained so much understanding and enlightenment since being involved with the Shamanic Journeying and the Past Life work. I feel as though a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I looked in the mirror on Wednesday morning and saw a very different woman looking back at me. I cannot thank you enough for being the very special being that you are. I am sure we will work together again in the future and especially look forward to the Atlantis Workshop. Love & Light Hilary
Hilary Hartley

Hey Andrea, I just wanted to let you know that I think my panic attack issues with enclosed spaces/ height has gone after past life regression with you! yaaaayyy. I have been to a few concerts and been in the mosh pit without freaking out! Also i went on a plane over the bank hol and was fine and even climbed across a really high rope bridge! So you fixed me. thanks! Take care and i'll see you soon love sophie

Dear Andrea, I just wanted to let you know everything seems to have elevated since doing my Reiki Masters. There seems to be more contact with my Spirit Guides and I think this is because using the Reiki Masters symbols has raised my vibrations quite alot. I am learning how special life is and that everyone deserves a happy level of life. Thanks, Love Ellen

Hi Andrea, I have been meaning to contact you to say a big thank you!!! Since the past life healing session I have felt amazing! The neck issue is no longer a problem and I've developed a new outlook and perspective. I feel more open to situations I would have shied away from previously....I was terrified of horses but actually went horse riding this week!! I have been grounding myself and I have a really positive outlook. I just want to say a big thank you Andrea!!!!!
Jess Roberts

Dear Andrea May I thank you deeply for the time you gave to me yesterday. I was exhausted by the end of the day but pleasantly so. I feel fantastic that I have made the step to return to where I belong. I went to bed really early last night, that is after telling a very excited husband all I had the energy to share, and today is when I reflect on yesterday with a deep sensation of satisfaction and in all I have a smile on my face which is always wonderful. :-) I experienced so much with you during our time yesterday and all of it was positive. I thank you so much for your wisdom of looking through me upon my arrival and knowing that I am ready for change as such an immediate understanding brought about an emotional reaction in me but your knowledge gave me the ability to feel such a trust to speak to you openly and very honestly. Your knowledge overwhelmed me as you had only met me about ten minutes beforehand and yet you could tell so much about me. The mentioned change will be fulfilled and you assisted so much in my first steps with all you did yesterday and for this I can not thank you enough.. During the course of the day I went from feeling emotional to feeling relaxed to feeling deeply at ease. I believe this is a mix of your calming and very positive psyche and the presence of the angels. I have already begun to think of things very differently. So much just does not matter that we get so bogged down with in this world does it? I loved all the meditations and especially the meeting of the angels meditation. I experienced so much during that time from feeling a burning sensation on the right side of my face to what seemed like a finger being run across the eyelashes on my right eye. It is so nice to know that I can speak to the angels at any time I choose and I really do believe that they are with me and as a result I suddenly have a full house even when I am alone which is beautiful because the angels are the best visitors that I could wish for. I am looking so very forward to the Karma workshop on the 22nd January Thanks again for all your time and energy yesterday and I shall see you again real soon. Much love and light Sue xxx
Sue Heal

Journey to the Soul ~ Self Awareness Spiritual Retreat "Totally beautiful, awoke me from a sleep I had been taking, brought me into an awareness that I can now move further on in my spiritual journey. Heart centred and deeply profound, Andrea works wonders xxx
Natasha Harries

Spiritual Retreat "A fun, open, friendly experience that anyone with an open mind and an interest in spirituality would enjoy. James ~ Hillingdon

Spiritual Retreat "A very well timed (divinely timed) stepping stone to the next part of my soul's journey" Phil ~ Llandysul

Spiritual Retreat "My soul feels full and my awareness is higher, thank you " Jeanette ~ Coventry

Spiritual Retreat "A life changing journey of self awareness amongst friends, with lots of fun and laughter and renewal of the soul" Sharon ~ Abergavenny

Spiritual retreat "Love, Joy, Love, Laughter, Love, Friendship & Love" Dee ~ Tameside

Spiritual retreat ~ This is my third retreat with Andrea in 14 months and this one has excelled. The group immediately bonded as one and Andrea took the workshops driven by pure love and a genuine interest in each individual person. In one word ~ brilliant. In two words ~ spiritually uplifting. In three words ~ I'll be back! Sue ~ North Yorkshire

Spiritual Retreat ~ Thank you very much for making last week such a special and profound experience . I could not have been made more welcome and immediately felt at complete ease with the group. The learning experience, support and camaraderie touched me at a very deep level. I was able to experience sights, sounds ,feelings and emotions as never before. I have returned from the retreat with a clear idea of the next stage of my spiritual development. I look forward to attending another of your workshops in the near future. Many thanks Regards Andrew ~ Montgomeryshire

Hi Andrea Just wanted to let you know what a fantastic day it was on the Spirit of Christmas workshop - totally inspiring! Also please rmember Id like a place on your next Colour course! Have a wonderful time and a happy and abundant new year Love from Karen
Karen Edis

I like your fantastic web site, I was searching for this all over. best regards
Andrea brings a very powerful yet personal approach to her themed Spiritual retreats. She is so down to earth yet so spiritually connected, that with her well planned programme and dedicated encouragement, it is impossible not to gain a truly unique and mind blowing experience when attending one of her retreats.....and to bring us back to the real world (when necessary) Andrea has a great wit,a lovely warm presence and infectious laugh that just makes you feel special, content and a welcome member of the group. I highly recommend committing to the few days that make up a retreat as that is all it takes to have a life changing and truly amazing spiritual experience (or even awakening) Kirsty Lyon (long standing member of Andreas light worker group and retreat attendee)
Kirsty Lyon

Andrea , I get so much out of your retreats, insight, new friends, peace of mind and body and it is truly uplifting for my soul. I hope to be at your next one! Thanks for your input in my journey of life. Debbie xxx

I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Andrea is very knowledgeable, patient, caring and above all trustworthy. I found the Crystal Therapy Healing Course very interesting. I learnt far more than I imagined and it is one of the best courses I have ever done. The course is easy to follow. I now understand how the healing power of the crystals can bring harmony to my life, enhancing my health, happiness and well-being. Dorrett Lomas, Mellor.
Dorrett Lomas

Andrea is a wonderful, genuine teacher. The depth of her wisdom and compassion is truly inspiring. The Crystal Healing Course is thorough and demanding - with hard work and laughter in equal measures! - it is impact is deep and powerful - but Andrea is there alongside you, shining her love and light. Karen, Manchester

I would truly recommend Andreas crystal healing course to those of you who are interested in the crystals. In order to discover the true power of the crystals the course is a good way to do this within a happy, friendly, safe environment with Andrea. Andrea is an excellent teacher who will inspire you as she leads / guide you through this well devised and set up course as she shares her skills and knowledge with you offering plenty of hands on opportunities as you grow and develop through ought the course. Very enjoyable. Lucille Day
Lucille Day

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